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“My goal is to create an open, collaborative government that
effectively works for all our citizens”
     —Joanne Yepsen

I Believe Our City Needs Strong Decisive Leadership that Works For All

I Believe In Solving Real Problems That Affect Real People

I Believe In The Integrity Of This City And It’s Future


Times Union Endorses Yepsen
“Yepsen for Saratoga Springs” 
  • “…needs a mayor who embraces openness and change, with the skills needed to guide the city through this time.  On those counts, Ms. Yepsen comes out ahead.”
  • “Ms. Sutton….stating ‘A lot has been done BEHIND THE SCENES....’….. her view of the mayor’s job seems more focused on administration than leadership.”
  • “Ms. Yepsen has displayed the political skills the coming years will require.
  • At this pivotal point in Saratoga Springs’ life, Joanne Yepsen seems well suited to be the city’s mayor.

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Say “YES” to open government

Say “YES” to Nonpartisanship and Inclusivity

Say “YES” to fiscal frugality

Say “YES” to Yepsen for Mayor

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Read about Joanne opening up her mayoral campaign headquarters.
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Yepsen Receives Environmental Endorsement 

On Monday, October 14th, Skidmore’s Environmental Action Club hosted Saratoga Springs Democratic mayoral candidate, Joanne Yepsen. Yepsen spoke with the club for about thirty minutes, discussing her environmental plans for the future of Saratoga Springs. She demands strong environmental policies that will bring Saratoga Springs to the forefront of green infrastructure.

Skidmore Environmental Club

Yepsen has been an active member of the Saratoga community for years, both politically and within the community. She is the co-founder of Sustainable Saratoga, a “not-for-profit organization that promotes sustainable practices and the protection of natural resources, though education, advocacy, and action, for the benefit of current and future generations in the Saratoga Springs area.” Currently she is serving her fourth term as county supervisor.